The Bible uses three terms, which have come down to us either translated as "elder," "overseer," and "pastor" or untranslated as "presbyter" or "bishop" to describe one office of spiritual leadership in His church.  We understand the Bible to teach that an elder is an overseer is a pastor.

God has blessed this church with two elders/pastors, Dale Sterzer and Jeff Young, who minister in the church each according to his gifts.  We have consciously chosen not to post pictures or resumes here, so as not to exalt men, but to honor Jesus Christ, who has given every gift by which believers serve in His church.  You can get to know us better by listening to our sermons, reading our articles, or of course by communicating with us personally, which we hope you will do.


Deacons are those believers who are charged with certain responsibilities in the church, especially in the area of "hands-on,"  physical service.

At this time, there are no men serving this church as deaons, because the church is exercising caution, taking great care in their selection.