When you come to worship at GRBC, what should you expect?

As we arrive at the church building on the Lord's Day, we enjoy greeting each other warmly, and catching up with what's been happening in the lives of our brothers and sisters. 

At 9:30 a.m., we begin a Bible study class in the Fellowship Hall, all ages remaining together, led by one of the pastors or another of the brothers.  Adults and children participate by reading the scriptures aloud and asking questions when appropriate.

At 10:30 a.m., we move to the main sanctuary for the worship service, which will last about two hours.  There is prayer, scripture reading, hymn singing, preaching, and sharing of The Lord's Supper.  All of these are done with an attitude of reverence, but also joy, not gloom.  We are serious, but not somber.  One of our mottos is "We are not here to entertain or to be entertained."  Children worship with their families.  We know first hand that this is hard work for parents, but the results are well worth it.  There is no nursery per se, but there are two rooms for parents to use for changing and nursing babies.

When the worship service has concluded, we enjoy a fellowship lunch.  For a little while, children typically play around the yard; women typically get the lunch ready; men typically sit and talk in the fellowship hall.  When lunch is ready, we eat together and strive to have God-honoring conversation around the tables.  When the Lord blesses us with a new believer to baptize, we go over to one member's house on the lake at this time and administer the baptism.

There is no set time for the fellowship to end.  Members often sit and talk, take a walk around the park, or invite one another home for supper.